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Welcome to Project4Denial Record's LLC.

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   Project4Denial Records LLC.   

Next event is August 30th 2014 7pm at Urban Stream Colorado Springs, CO

 Purchase beats! Record a demo! Mixing and Mastering Available! Large Studio! We do ALL GENRES of Music. Receive high-quality professional services, from Project4Denial Records LLC. We are based in Colorado Springs, CO. Whether your project is large or small, our team of experts can provide the music you need for your commercial, film, or radio station; the quality you need for your demo or album; the custom beat you need made for your lyricism style. Our track record for consistency, timely service, production, and songwriting expertise make your studio choice, beat source, mix and master producers, your film score or radio jingle needs an easy choice. Go with Project4Denial Records. Our multifaceted company is here to assist you by providing a wide range of musical genres and styles catered to your needs. To speak with an expert member of our staff, simply contact us  by email or phone in Colorado Springs, CO at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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Liddle Rob


Angela Cross

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Newest Releases


Artist: D-Talkz

Album: Spoken Words EP

Track List:

1. Horns


3. Party Life

4. Crash and Burn

5. All Eyes See

6. Chapters

7. Verses

Artist: Liddle Rob 


Auditory Hallucinations EP

Track List:

1. Relaspe

2.Junk Drawer

3. All Eyes See

4. No Choice

5. Unreleased

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Project4Denial Records LLC.

Entity Descriptions

Project4D consists of Lance Singson and Robert Osborne; focusing in film scores, commercials, documentaries, and radio jingles.

Project4Denial Records is for our singers. While offering our talent the chance to be included in a film score, we also have this branch of the company focused on allowing our artists to create an album of their own song ideas.

P4D Studios is a branch of our company that can write original music for hip hop artists, add instrumentation or vocals for bands missing a member, or an artist whom already has material and wishes to record a high quality demo with the option to distribute their music.

Project Beats makes beats for Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Dance, and Dubstep artists looking to lease or purchase exclusive rights to music.

Project Vision is the branch of our company that focuses on creating music videos, commercials, or any other video type media for our own promotion. If you would like a video done for your own band or your own hip hop video we highly recommend the MaCaAtic CREW.

Guitar Talent Wars Is a new group under way, where guitarists will participate in a rap battle type setting each coming up with their own progression or riff for themselves and the other guitarist to solo over. The group will be for fun and for exposure to new fans and groups of people. If you wish to participate please visit the Guitar Talent Wars tab. Eventually we hope to make this a big affair with exposure for the advanced group of guitarists to be looked at for session work and other opportunities.

P4D Studios, Because You Can't Deny Perfection

Thank you for your interest in us!                          
 The Project Team